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Case Studies

MBTA CCTV & SCADA Maintenance

iSYS currently provides preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair/replacement of MBTA CCTV and SCADA equipment at over 100 MBTA locations throughout Greater Boston. MBTA equipment covered under this contract includes fixed and PTZ cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), encoders, and PLCs, as well as all supporting devices and network interfaces. At present, the MBTA’s CCTV and SCADA Systems consist of:

  • 1055 fixed cameras
  • 95 PTZ cameras
  • 120 DVRs
  • 170 Encoders
  • 107 PLCs

iSYS also provides 24/7/365 emergency service for all head-end system support at the MBTA’s Operations Control Center (OCC) and at 7 Hub Centers throughout the MBTA’s transit system. Other responsibilities include managing all user access levels for these systems, including assigning and maintaining viewing privileges at more than 250 monitoring workstations throughout the MBTA’s property. This contract also includes remote monitoring of alarm conditions within both the CCTV and SCADA systems. iSYS also provides input on strategic technological initiatives to plan future enhancements of the MBTA’s CCTV System.