Intelligent Systems & Control Contractors

Systems integration, application & implementation of low voltage solutions for a variety of industries.


Case Studies

MBTA PA/VMS for Pilot and 45 Station Projects

iSYS performed installation of new ARINC cabinets containing digital signal processors (DSPs), amplifiers, ethernet switches/routers at 45 MBTA transit stations, to interface to a new PA/ESS head-end system supplied under a previous contract. iSYS performed all terminations and preliminary testing to ensure seamless integration of new equipment immediately upon installation. As a supplement to the installation contract, iSYS is also providing preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair/replacement of ARINC’s equipment at all 75 MBTA transit stations and at the Operations Control Center (OCC), and including managing ARINC’s on-site spares inventory, for a period of two years.

MBTA PA/ESS Equipment supplied by ARINC consists of:

  • 75 DSPs
  • 225 Amplifiers
  • 75 Ethernet Switches/Routers
  • 75 VOIP Gateways